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Vela: knife block in Walnut wood with 7 Japanese Kasumi damascus knives

Vela is a block in walnut wood completed with 7 KASUMI knives in Damascus, knives built in the city of Seki in Japan - where the art of building knives has been repeated for 700 years.
KASUMI blades are made using the traditional Japanese technique used to build swords.
The main steel used by Kasumi is stainless steel, with high carbon, the V-Gold No.10 with a hardness of 59-60 HRC.
32-layer Damascus stainless steel, can be seen on both sides of the main cutting blade, as a result of repeated bending and forging of various layers of fine stainless steel.
Each blade has been finished by hand and is made of a black multilayer wooden handle.
The block in walnut Due Cigni's is completed with 7 Damascus blades by Kasumi in the below listed forms:
n. 1 knife paring knife blade cm. 8 (82008)
n. 1 knife boning blade cm. 16 (84016)
n. 1 knife santoku blade cm. 18 (84018)
n. 1 vegetable knife blade cm. 14 (82014)
n. 1 roasted knife blade cm. 20 (84020)
n. 1 knife chef blade cm. 20 (88020)
n. 1 knife bread blade cm. 25 (86025)
Dimension 41 x 11 x 2.3cm h 28cm
Weight 1.14Kg
Walnut wood
Design by Pierangelo Brandolisio

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Price: € 1.075,00 € 999,75 GBP = 889,43  USD = 1.225,79  CNY = 7.889,43  JPY = 135.616,09

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