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Case with 14 forged knives set Wusthof Classic and accessories Chef Exclusive

Fine Wusthof case in line with the exclusive character of the chef who does not admit compromises to the cut and wants to have with him a case complete with exclusive equipment.
This case offers the ideal complement in terms of selected instruments and accessories for a professional kitchen.
The Classic Series knives by Wusthof are robust, sharp and functional.
The full collar serves as a hand protection and makes the knife safe and balanced by distributing the weight.
The sturdy shells of the handle are riveted and locked forever.
Sturdy, sharp and functional: the classic utensil in the kitchen.
Forged in a single piece of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium high-alloy steel.
Particularly sharpened thanks to the PEtec laser sharpening process.
The collar extended to the facet protects the hand and ensures safety and balance.
The robust flavors of the handle have a durable riveting and are machined without joints.
In the large Wusthof case you will find the following knives and accessories:
n. 1 Kitchen scissors. Length cm. 21 (5558)
n. 1 Curved knife paring knife, length cm. 7 (4062)
n. 1 Straight knife paring knife length cm. 7 (4002)
n. 1 Boning blade cm. 14 (4602)
n. 1 Santoku small blade with alveoli cm. 14 (4182)
n. 1 Slice blade cm. 18 (4522-18)
n. 1 Blade kitchen knife cm. 18 (4582-18)
n. 1 Blade thread cm. 18 (4622-18)
n. 1 Santoku with alveola blade cm. 17 (4183-17)
n. 1 Slice serrated high blade cm. 20 (4128-20)
n. 1 Serrated bread knife blade cm. 20 (4149-20)
n. 1 Slice with blade alveole cm. 23 (4524-23)
n. 1 Chef knife blade cm. 20 (4582-20)
n. 1 Chef knife blade cm. 26 (4582-26)
n. 1 Super Slicer knife, professional knife to cut and slice special saw blade length cm. 26 (4532-26)
n. 1 Sharpener total length cm. 32
n. 1 Serving tongs with offset handles, for refined food presented on plates and buffets. Total length 20 cm.
The soft case in very resistant fabric has a zipper to fix the interior design, equipped with handle and shoulder strap, with a combination lock to keep it in safety.
Closed dimensions 51 x 25 cm.
Shipping time: 7 days

This item is not for sale to people under 18.
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Price: € 1.189,00 GBP = 1.057,79  USD = 1.457,83  CNY = 9.382,87  JPY = 161.287,85

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