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Compact Grinding Machine Model K3-H

With the Grinding and Polishingmachine of Type K3 you can grind and polish hand held knives efficiently, quickly and without problems.
Tests proved that we have the best and fastest product on the market.
The technology:
Wet grinding and stripping in one device is unbeatable.
Annealing of the knife-edge is impossible due to the wet grinding system. An enhanced durability of knives and very little wear - compared to dry grinding - is understood. For polishing we exclusively use polishing discs made of cotton which have a special folding, that offers smallest wear compared to conventional felt disk.
Over the years we have consistently improved our wet grinding technology.
Advantages at a glance:
- Wet Grinding
- Grinding angle guide
- Hight grade steel case
- Maintenance free
- For handheld- and cutter knives
- Simply using
Technical informations:
Power: 400 / 2300 W
Power Supply: 400 V
Power Type: 3 ~ 50Hz
Grinding wheel Diameter: 225 mm (grain 240)
Polishing- and Honing wheel Diameter: 250 mm
Lamellate grinding wheel Diameter: 250 mm (grain 240)
Size (LxWxD): 490 mm x 670 mm x 480 mm
Weight: 52 kg

Delivery time: 10 days

Price: € 4.575,00 GBP = 4.070,15  USD = 5.609,41  CNY = 36.103,16  JPY = 620.598,75

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