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Case complete with accessories for fish

Comfortable Wusthof roller shutter set up with professional tools useful for processing fish.
In the Wusthof roll-up case you will find:
n. 1 Stainless steel tongs large length cm. 35 with curved Triangle tip to use when cooking fish or to serve
n. 1 De Buyer silicone brush with bristles with total length cm. 25 and width cm. 6 useful to brush the fish before and during cooking
n. 1 Professional pliers to remove fish-bones Shun Kai, wide grip and oblique tip for a quick cleaning of fish from thorns. Total length cm. 13
n. 1 Fish-scaler in stainless steel Select of Kai with container for scaling fish and retaining scales during cleaning. Total length 21 cm.
n. 1 Aluminum Lobster cracker to break the claws and remove the pulp thanks to the stainless steel tweezers present in the tip
n. 1 Penknife Two Cuts Spiral Undulate, julienne and smooth to make fast and easy decorations of your dishes.
The Wusthof roller shutter is made of synthetic, washable material.
Foldable with velcro.
Width 43 cm.
Closed height cm. 13

Price: € 126,60 € 119,00 GBP = 105,87  USD = 145,91  CNY = 939,11  JPY = 16.142,89

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