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Vegetable and chicken roaster with shashlik rack

Variety for the grill! The vegetable and chicken roaster with shashlik rack is a compact and stylish set offering three functions.
- vegetable tray with removable chicken roaster
- shashlik rack with 6 skewers
- stackable for space-saving storage
- stainless steel
- dishwasher-safe
Aromatic vegetable, meat or seafood kebabs, a chicken flavoured with wine, beer or broth, a dish of mixed vegetables from the grill: the multifunctional BBQ set leaves nothing to be desired in terms of variety in grilling. The chicken roaster (with integrated aroma tray) can be firmly locked to the vegetable tray - and easily removed when you're not cooking chicken. The practical shashlik rack provides a firm hold for six delicious kebabs and allows you to turn them perfectly. Of course the functional set is also suited for use in the oven, and it is dishwasher-safe!

Price: € 53,90 GBP = 47,95  USD = 66,09  CNY = 425,35  JPY = 7.311,54

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