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Italian-style cooking (Book in English)

Bagna cauda, fettunta, olive all'ascolana… pane carasau, piadina romagnola, sfinciuni… pesto alla genovese, canederli, pasta alla Norma… bistecca alla fiorentina, fonduta, polenta taragna… cacciucco alla livornese, pepata di cozze, sarde a beccaficu… cardi alla brindisina, fagioli al fiasco, radicchio rosso in saòr… bonet, pastiera napoletana, zeppole di San Giuseppe, cassata siciliana… A broad selection of recipes among the most emblematic of the great Italian gastronomic tradition and the most tempting contributions of regional cooking. More than 250 recipes, with photographs and many practical hints.
Language: English
Pages: 160
Dimensions cm: 17 x 24

Price: € 9,50 GBP = 7,95  USD = 12,50  CNY = 79,03  JPY = 954,49

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