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Roll Bag Dick with Premier plus

DICK chef's knives forged series, also with coloured handles. HACCP concept. A forged knife offers cutting pleasure for highest demands.
Long edge retention through high-grade stainless steel, ice-hardened with the most progressive heat treatment technology.
Laser-tested geometry of the cutting edge.
Wide finger guard.
Plastic handle made of high-quality, resistant plastic:
- seamless between bolster and handle
- hygienically impeccable
Forged of a single piece of steel, the blade with bolster and tang provides high stability.
Perfectly balanced.
n. 01 Tomato/Utility knife, serrated edge cm. 13 cod. 81444113
n. 01 Boning knife cm. 13 cod. 8144513
n. 01 Boning knife flexible cm. 15
n. 01 Chef's knife cm. 12
n. 01 Santoku knife cm. 18
n. 01 Slicer, blade cm. 21
n. 01 Sharpening steel cm. 25
n. 01 Potato peeler
n. 01 Parisian scoop, double
n. 01 Spatula, offset blade
n. 01 Spatula offset blade

Price: € 465,00 GBP = 389,30  USD = 611,94  CNY = 3.868,47  JPY = 46.719,95

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