Cocktail Set -Rosendahl Glasses and Lekuč Ice mincer
€ 39,00
Rosendahl Gran Cru two bowls
€ 22,00
Rosendahl Grand Cru Pourer and Stopper Set
€ 39,00
Gran Cru Glass : Table set for Wine, Water and 6 glasses
€ 80,10
Grand Cru Wine Pourer - avoid stains on your table cloth
€ 19,00
Rosendahl Gran Cru glass decanter
€ 22,95
Wine decanter Gran Cru Rosendahl
€ 24,95
Gran Cru Glasses for appetizers and finger food
€ 23,00
Rosendahl 2 cups for warm drinks
€ 22,95
Gran Cru Glasses for appetizers and finger food
€ 16,00
Rosendahl Gran Cru Tray
€ 22,95

Rosendahl Knives

Ever since 1984, the Rosendahl Copenhagen brand has been associated with practical, clean-cut design at a reasonable price. Rosendahl design philosophy is to create design products that become accessible utility items not reserved for special occasions only. On the contrary, they want them to become an integral part of a more beautiful everyday life. This demands high quality at a sensible price.
The ideal encounter of creativity and structure?Rosendahl are convinced that good design is found where a balance is struck between creativity and structure. Rosendahl's design is an encounter between creative lines and stringent lines. Working closely with a number of leading designers, Rosendahl create design solutions in keeping with the Scandinavian design tradition.