- 5%
Swiss Diamond WOK with handle 32 cm.
Swiss Diamond short pan D. 20
€ 100,00
Swiss Diamond 4 pieces : Ready to cook
€ 541,50
Swiss Diamond short pan
Swiss Diamond baking-pan
€ 220,00
Swiss Diamond double Baking-fry pan with grill
€ 227,00
Swiss Diamond square Steak-pan
€ 180,00
Swiss Diamond square steak pan with tempered lid
€ 207,00
- 5%
Swiss Diamond high casserole with lid in tempered glass
Swiss Diamond Saut�ing pan with tempered glass lid
Swiss Diamond tempered glass lid
Swiss Diamond Set of 6 casseroles 365 days- Forever
€ 882,55

Swiss Diamond cookware

Swiss Diamond cookware featuring a revolutionary new diamond reinforced non-stick cooking surface that provides optimum non-stick performance, durability and easy clean up.
The secret behind this advanced cookware technology is the result of combining diamond crystals - the hardest material known to man - with a non-stick nano composite to form a virtually indestructible non-stick cooking surface.
Nothing conducts heat more easily than diamonds
A variety of sizes for perfect frying, sautéing, and searing
Diamonds guarantee a lifetime of non-stick performance
Ergonomic helping handle design for comfort and balance
Oven safe up to 500º
Professional-grade 6-mm pressure-cast aluminum
Metal utensil and dishwasher safe
Perfect flat base for use on all ceramic, gas, and electric cook top.

Swiss Diamond