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Gran Maitre Wenger micro-toothed confectionery knife
€ 27,00
BUTCHER CASE - IL MACELLAIO with Swibo knives and Dick diamonded sharpener
€ 203,40
Basic Professional Case with knives Swibo-Wenger
€ 185,25
Peeling knife By Wenger
€ 5,00
Swibo Boning knife cm. 16 flex
€ 22,00
Swibo Sticking knife 15 cm.
€ 25,00
Butcher knife Swibo cm. 16
€ 27,90
Swibo peeling knife 18 cm.
€ 30,90
Swibo knife for meat cutting 21 cm.
Swibo knife for meat cutting 24 cm.
€ 35,00
Swibo roast slicing knife 31 cm.
€ 52,90
Swibo flexible ham knife yellow handle

Swibo Knives

Swiss construction, blade with Swedish steel, polished to mirror to allow a good slipperiness of the cut.
Perfect to also cut important ham, some centimetres of the blade, next to the handle is serrated, to allow to use the same knife to clean the ham.

coltelli Miyabi