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Tailor Scissors 9 inches (23 cm.) Kai Series 7000
€ 79,00
Kai Needle craft scissors
€ 14,90
Kai Thread snippers
€ 13,50
Kai Sewing scissors cm. 13,5
€ 15,90
Sewing scissors cm. 16,5
€ 18,90
Dressmaking shears cm 21
Kai professional scissors for zigzag cutting
€ 51,90

Kai Scissors

The blades are made of high carbon stainless steel to enable high durability and long lasting sharpness of cutting edges.
The blades are extended to the grip ends to ensure high stability and perfect balance.
The tension adjustable screws/fasteners for fine adjustment of tension with ease.
The "Elastmer" soft plastic handles serve for comfortable work.

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