APPLE: ChocoFruit magnetic 3D polycarbonate mold

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Double magnetic polycarbonate mold for the 3D realization of an apple-shaped praline.
From the collaboration with the master chocolatier Massimo Carnio the innovative 3D polycarbonate molds are created to create elegant fruit-shaped pralines.
Easy to decorate with different techniques, they are filled and emptied with simplicity, thanks also to a detail on the bottom that ensures a clean and more precise work.
Designed to allow an optimal crystallization of chocolate and an easy demoulding, they allow the creation of thin shirts to accommodate exciting fillings with attention also to the productivity and weight of the chocolates.
Mold Size: 175 x 275 mm
Production: 28 pralines
Praline size: D. 28 H 27 mm. Weight 12 gr.
(The product consists of 2 magnetic molds)