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Sharpening machines
If you do not have a good hand with the steel or you prefer not to use a sharpener, you can use a sharpening machine.

Ceramic sharpening machines
Two ceramic discs sharpen your knives as the blade passes.
They have a preset sharpening angle, there is no possibility of error in the inclination of the cut.

Rest the knife blade with the rear end, vertically in the slot with the discs.
Hold the sharpener with the other hand.
Pass the blade up to the tip applying light pressure.
Repeat the operation until the knife is sharpened.
The lower part of the knife sharpener is made of non-slip material to prevent it from moving.
Also suitable for left-handed users.

Sharpening machines with two or three sharpening phases (coarse, medium and fine) manual or electric
You can find grinding machines with different sharpening phases, two or three phases, which allow you to carry out the different steps from the thickest to the finest, if the knife is particularly damaged, or the medium phase or only the fine phase if the knife needs to be sharpened only by cutting wear.
Thanks to the pre-set angle of the diamond and ceramic discs, the blade is sharpened perfectly.
Sharpening is therefore very simple even for those who are not practical. In the first phase (coarse), the diamond discs sharpen the blunt knife.
The second stage (fine) ceramic disks can be used to regularly restore the wire or as a finish after the first phase.
Some knife sharpeners have an even finer last stage which allows polishing the wire and making the cut slippery.
Here's how:

Place the sharpener on a stable base and hold it by the handle. Insert the knife blade into the slot at a 90 ° angle to the knife sharpener.
Hold the knife straight and pass it from the back of the blade to the tip, applying light pressure. Repeat the operation.
Do not pull the blade from side to side.
Also suitable for knives with wavy blade. In this case, use only the second phase.
Also suitable for left-handed users.
These multi-stage knife sharpeners can be manual or even electric.
The electric knife sharpeners are suitable for those who have many knives to sharpen in their own kitchen or in their own laboratory.
The electric knife sharpener guarantees a fast and precise work to sharpen your knives.

All manual tools for sharpening: stones or knife sharpeners allow the restoration of the knife edge with a limit. All three sharpening tools guarantee good wire maintenance until the cutting angle needs to be trimmed.
The grinding straightens the wire giving it the perfect angle and the grinding involves the intervention of the grinder, the only one capable of bringing the blades back to an optimal condition with the real sharpening.
The knife grinder with water sharpening electric machines reconstructs the cutting angle.
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