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For over 200 years, Wüsthof has been producing in Solingen, Germany.
Wusthof believes that quality knives can only be made where high precision manufacturing meets traditional craftsmanship.
They have spent over two centuries honing both the production of knives and the technique of making them to perfection, employing some of the most skilled knife artisans in the world to ensure truly extraordinary blades.

Forged in Germany, inspired by Italy: each Amici knife pays homage to our collaboration with Serragiumenta Castle, a 16th century castle in the Calabrian countryside. Inspired by the abundant sun and farmland of Calabria, Italy, WÜSTHOF Amici embodies "la dolce vita": the joyful joie de vivre. The Amici series combines our iconic precision-forged blades with uniquely grained Calabrian olive wood handles, blending modern craftsmanship with the sensibility of Italian design to create an ideal knife for preparing and sharing meals.

Sturdy, sharp and functional - the classic knife in countless models. The full collar acts as a protection for the hands and makes the knife safe and balanced by distributing its weight. The sturdy handle shells are riveted and locked forever.

The WÜSTHOF CLASSIC WHITE is an unrivaled in design and quality of the Classic series, with the white handle. Your classic, the original, in white.

Balance and ergonomics - the particular shape of the collar gives the knife optimal balance and allows the blade to be used and sharpened along its entire length.
The ergonomically shaped handle shells are riveted and locked forever and ensure hygiene and maintenance flawless.

As the name "Crafter" suggests, these are sturdy knives built for heavy use and hard work.
With brass rivets, fine smoked oak handles and blades forged from a single piece of WÜSTHOF steel, the Crafter series is what happens when over 200 years of knife manufacturing meets the modern home kitchen.

Superb value and premium quality - the perfect starting knife in your kitchen.
With an excellent price-performance ratio, non-forged Gourmet knives occupy a special place in the WÜSTHOF repertoire when it comes to their intuitive and light handling.
Each non-forged knife from the Gourmet series displays typical WÜSTHOF high quality, with each blade laser cut and hardened to a high degree of hardness at 56 Rockwell.
The multi-step manufacturing process results in an agile and lightweight version of its forged counterpart, making Gourmet Knives an ideal entry point for both new and experienced cooks.

Combining centuries of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, the Performer Series highlights innovative knives designed for unmatched control.
Precisely forged from a single piece of WÜSTHOF steel by our expert knife craftsmen in Solingen, Germany, each Performer blade is enhanced with a black Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating.
This DLC coating makes our steel exceptionally strong and durable, producing a long lasting heat resistant, scratch resistant and damage resistant blade, even after frequent use in the kitchen; in addition, it makes Performer blades largely water-repellent, mimicking the beaded effect of moisture you might see on the sleeve of your rain jacket.
The handles feature our ergonomic Hexagon Power Grip, a non-slip honeycomb design that ensures every cutting moment is safe, comfortable and precise.

Taking care of Wüsthof knives is important. Put them in the right stump or put them in the magnetic bar, protect the blade with a protection, sharpen them.
When it comes to sharpening your knives, we distinguish between honing and sharpening the cut according to wear and tear.
With Wüsthof you will find the right accessory to protect your knives over time and many work tools, pliers, knife cases that complement your precious knives.
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