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In 2001, after extensive experience in manufacturing and sales, A.F. Affilatura Fabbri set up Afcoltellerie and extended the sale of its professional and sports knives to the international market.

Painstaking research among the manufacturers of kitchen utensils on the global market enabled us to select top-quality knives and accessories, designed for the professional user working in kitchens, cooking schools, food processing workshops, meat processing facilities and confectioneries the world over.

Shopping on afcoltellerie.com is an interesting discovery of just how simple it is to find and purchase the best utensils for the kitchen and for food processing, from a single and packed catalogue, with speedy and safe delivery in just a few days.

We are constantly on the lookout for the most useful utensils to help you speed up your work in the kitchen, with preference for products designed by stylists and qualified professionals.

We have above all directed our choice 8towards European, Japanese and US companies, preferring manufacturers constantly engaged in upgrading the quality of their products.

On www.afcoltellerie.com only top-quality products are on sale.

These products are purchased directly by us from carefully selected manufacturers and distributors. Besides focusing our technical research and choice on steel, ceramic, titanium and damask knives, we have also extended these to all those accessories and work utensils which complete, furnish and amplify the requirements of kitchens all over the world.

Afcoltellerie offers an endless selection of hard-to-find products:
  • Empty cases or complete with knives and utensils for the chef
  • Graters
  • Pans in steel, iron, aluminium, copper, diamond or ceramic coated
  • Polycarbonate moulds
  • Silicone moulds
  • Cream and soda siphons
  • Pepper, salt and spice grinders
  • Oil cruets, sauce dosers, oil sprays and nebulizers
  • Polypropylene, wood cutting boards
  • Design knife holders
  • Can and bottle openers
  • Professional scissors, multipurpose
  • Tweezers, spatulas
  • Food temperature thermometers, e
  • Mandolin vegetable slicers for all cuts, truffle slicers
  • All accessories for shaping and decorating fruit and vegetables
  • Lots of confectionery accessories
  • Sharpeners and sharpening stones
  • Sharpening machines
  • Kitchen books

We are always on the lookout for new utensils to provide you with successful cutting on the job, but also a successful job thanks to top-quality equipment.

With Afcoltellerie.com, you can count on fast and reliable customer service before, during and after your purchase.

We are located in the province of Bologna at Maccaretolo di San Pietro in Casale.