Automatic centrifuge J80 Ultra Robot Coupe : for fruit and vegetables juices

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In 7 seconds 1 glass of juice!
This automatic centrifuge of Robot Coupe allows you to prepare in a few seconds fruit and vegetable juices, without weariness and in a quick and silent way.
An automoving system, thanks to the registered automatic hopper, diameter 79 mm will allow you to introduce fruit and vegetables quickly, without using the pressing device you can prepare fruit juices in a few seconds.
The motor block and the basin are in stainless steel for an easier cleaning.
The basin is in stainless steel, with an anti-drop spout and is provided with a residues collecting basin placed under the exit hopper, for a clean working bench.
The stainless steel basked is hand removable for an easy and quick cleaning.
The industrial asynchronous motor for intensive use has a power of 700 W, reliable and silent, maintains a constant speed whatever is the charge.
The motor is mounted on sphere bearings for a silent and without vibrations operation.
The driving shaft is in stainless steel.
The basin for residues collection has a capacity of 6,5 l and is translucent to show the filling level.
Monophase supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Constant speed of 3000 motions/minute
Asynchronous motor
Continuous residues expulsion
Production up to 60 kg per hour
Dimensions (HxLxW) : 505x235x420 mm.
Net weight 10,9 kg.