Microplane Premium Zester-Grater Violet Color

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The Microplane® Zester has written history. Formed like a wood rasp they have become a must have for both professional and hobby cooks and remains our best selling product worldwide. The famous Zester Blade Style creates a very fine grating result that looks like angle hair and is ideal for everything that you want to have finely grated.
Use finely grated citrus zest for a fresh vinagrette, for specific sauces, or even home-made cookies.
Long-lasting, ultra sharp, stainless steel blade- Made in USA
Ergonomically designed soft-touch handle
Anti-scratch rubber ends
Dishwasher safe
Easy storage: reusable protective cover (not dishwasher safe)
Four unique blade styles available in this series
Measurements: 32,5 cm x 3,50 cm x 3,00 cm
Exact grating surface: 20,3 cm x 2,5 cm