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2 stage knife-sharpener Wusthof

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This two stages knife-sharpener is safe and easy to use, only a few and mere steps are necessary to maintain sharp blades.
For toothed-edge and serrated cuts (only thin phase in ceramics)
Handle with soft grip.
Sharpening of knives in 2 phases
Place the sharpener on a plane working surface. Hold the sharpener with one hand, as indicated and the handle of the knife in the other hand.
Insert completely the blade of the knife into the slit of the sharpener with an angle of 90 degrees.
Apply a moderated pressure downwards on the blade, with the knife through the right slit. Repeat the operation still pulling the blade from the handle to the point (never backward and forward) through one of the ceramics slits.
Note : The first phase in carbide (coarse) sharpens blunted cutting-edges. The second phase in ceramics (fine)  provides a cut sharp as a razor and polishes.
A rather sharpened knife requires only a light sharpening.
Care and use : the sharpener must be always cleaned after use.
Clean with a damp fabric or with a delicate brush, then dry with a cloth.
Do not rince with water.
Carbide/coarse regulates cutting-edge quickly.
Ceramics/fine : provides finishing to cutting-edge.
Dimensions : 20x8,5x4 cm.