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Baked natural ham preparing tools set

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Produced with boned pork leg, baked ham is more and more appreciated when cooked naturally, made by skillful butchers and gastronomes to obtain a flavoured and delicate taste.
The professional set is composed of :
- Dick Boning knife 15 cm and slicing knife 21 cm red handle, to remove the rind and the fatty parts of meat during the preparation before and after cooking.
Red handle to comply with HACCP directives
- Pump for manual and natural seasoning with salt, pickle, using the most appreciated spices and aromatic herbs. The pump is provided with a multi-hole needle for a perfect syringing of meat, a flexible tube with final filter, to guarantee the pickle passage without closing up the needle. The needle can be screwed in the pump after use guaranteeing its protection after use.
-Thermo-timer for the control of the temperature in the center of the pork leg during baking in oven. The thermometer surveys temperatures from -40 to +200 degrees C.