Block complete with 3 Japanese Kasame Sumikama knives

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This rubber tree woodblock comes complete with 3 Kasane Japanese knives from Sumikama Cutlery Japan.
The name "Kasane" comes from the phrase "kasane-no-irome", which refers to the ancient art of colour layering in the Japanese kimono and represents the idea of ​​layering in many ways, by layering the landscape over the seasons, layering of the hours of the day to the layered efforts of craftsmanship to create a reliable tool.
The blades of Kasane knives are made of high carbon stainless steel and the edge stays sharp for a long time between sharpening.
In addition to the steel material, the newly developed "ZERO EDGE" technology takes its name from Sumikama Cutlery's success in bringing the edge thickness closer to 0.0 mm already from the blade grinding process so that the final edge of the blade on "ZERO EDGE" is super sharp and long-lasting.
The handles are made with natural wood from Gifu Prefecture from mountain cherry trees.
The unique special beauty of natural wood gives each knife its aesthetic. The lightweight handle is specially designed for women or small hands.
Inside the block you will find the following knives:
n. 1 Bunka Kasane multipurpose knife for various types of food including meat, fish and vegetables and easy to work even on a small cutting board. 16.5 cm blade size.
n. 1 Kasane utility knife. Blade size: 12.5 cm. An elegant and ideal cutting tool for fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and peeling. Useful and practical also as a table knife on a small cutting board.
n. 1 Kasane bread knife. Blade size: 21 cm. It has a special and unique edge, structured with large and small serrations alternately and allows you to cut from soft, crispy sandwich bread cleanly and effortlessly with minimal crumbs.
Dimensions of the knife block: cm. 11 x 11 x 25 cm.
Comfortable and practical block with plastic needle inserts, removable for easy cleaning.
Inside the knife block, there is space to insert scissors, pliers, small spatulas or other accessories.

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