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De Buyer mold Elastomoule Financiers cakes large

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Mould made with a high quality silicone foam with metal powder.
Freezing : - 70° C
Baking : + 300° C.
Advised for : professional users
ELASTOMOULE is a registered De Buyer technology.
Perfect heat diffusion thanks to the micro-bubbles of silicone foam and metal powder.
The heating or cooling is obtained more quickly thanks to the metal powder.
The caramelizing of juices guarantees a more tasty food.
Perfectly shaped with clean edges.
Easy food removal from mould.
The Elasto large Financiers mould was carefully designed to guarantee perfect shapes with straight lines and geometric angles.
Mould total dimensions : 17,6 x 21 cm.
Rectangle dimensions : 9,5 x 4,5 cm. H. 1,2 cm.