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This smoke making device in 18/10 steel with two grids allows to smoke-cure fish, meat, frankfurter sausages and cheese.
The tube is in aluminium
Why should a foodstuff be smoked?
The food submitted to smoke for a long time provides an antiseptical effect, improves the conservation and increases the taste.
Smoke gives a wood taste to foodstuffs.
The device is particularly fit to smoke-cure red meats, poultry (chicken, duck), pork meat (mainly ham, bacon, sausages, salami) and fish (salmon, trout, eel, mackerel...).
However it can also be used for garlic, potatoes, cheese, butter etc.
The principle consists in exposing the foodstuff to be smoked to different temperatures, according to the result required.
Easy to use it is provided with a thermometer and to a 500 g sachet of beech-wood sawdust.
Oven and chimney, aluminium flexible tube, 2 removable feet.
Supplied as a kit to be assembled.
Instructions for use and some recipes are included
Dimensions of smoking room 31x31x20 cm.
Dimensions of grids 27x30 cm.
Delivery time : 8-10 days