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De Buyer Ultra Cube Mandoline

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189.0000 - 189 - 189.0000
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This De Buyer Ultra Cube mandoline was designed to carry out many different cuts.
You will be very surprised by the easiness of use of this mandoline and by the variety of cuts :
- julienne and cube cuts of 2 millimeters, 4 millimeters, 10 millimeters - waffle cut, rounds and wafer cuts.
Stainless steel and polimer structure, antislip feet with silicone overpressing.
Total safety thanks to a slider to contain fruit and vegetables, in ergonomic plastic.
The mandoline compactness is also given by the possibility of storing the julienne blades inside the mandoline and by having two foldable feet.
Dimensions: Height cm. 18, Length cm. 50 and Width cm. 18,50
Weight 1,544 Kg.
Made in France.