Dick Academy backpack with foldable knives-holder

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DICK Academy Knapsack is modern – practical – sturdy.
Fit both for professional cooks who must work outside for various events and for student cooks of training schools.
It is not only adapted to professional cooks, but also to all users who want to transport their instruments in a safe and comfortable way.
Together with the knapsack there is a foldable knives-holder in washable fabric fit to transport up to 6 knives.
The knapsack too is washable and made with an impermeable synthetic fiber with a profile of reinforced rubber on the bottom.
Easy access to the knapsack with a zipper all around the sack.
Main compartment, inner pockets, two lateral pockets, frontal pocket with zipper and meshes,key-holder or fixing rings for objects, cellular phone/sachet for camera on shoulder belt.
Fit to transport cooking books, cook jacket apart from the foldable bag included where your knives can be placed safely and inserted in the knapsack.
Compression belts for a safe grip and control of load, stable handle.
Made in Polyester
Knapsack dimensions : 38 x 19 x 48 cm
Dimensions foldable knives-holder 50 x 43 cm.
Volume 35 litres