ESSENTIAL IN KITCHEN AND CONFECTIONERY : Paderno Set of 5 spatulas and spoon

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In confectionery and kitchen spatulas are never too much to mix, collect and lift in the different cooking preparations.
This set includes 5 spatulas spoons essential to work in kitchen or confectionery :
- n. 1 Polyamide with glass fiber spoon total length cm. 45 fit to mix all types of foodstuffs, in large receptacles too
- n. 1 Polyamide with glass fiber rigid spatula total length cm. 40 fit to mix soft doughs, chocolate, creams.The round shape allows to mix quickly and without effort
- n. 1 Polyamide with glass fiber spatula and pellet in flexible rubber at the end to mix and collect food easily on the edge of receptacles.
- n. 1 Triangular soft polyamide with glass fiber spatula total length cm. 25
- n. 1 Rubber spatula spoon shaped in polyamide with glass fiber total length cm. 25
All the spatulas are washable in dishwasher, sterilizable, resistant up to 220°C