ForSeason Supra knife bag by Ambrogio Sanelli

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The ForSeason Supra knife bag by Ambrogio Sanelli will accompany you throughout the working season, thanks to the 4 essential knives in the kitchen.
The Supra line by Ambrogio Sanelli is a cutlery specifically designed for professional use: blades produced with special nitrogen steel NITRO-B (1.4916) and ergonomic SEBS handles.
The materials used are sterilizable, resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, and comply with current regulations on hygiene and food safety.
Vast assortment, safe use, functionality of the shapes and excellent value for money, make the knives of the Supra Line irreplaceable work tools for professional operators.
Final sharpening of each single piece with laser profile control.
The perfect fit between the blade and the handle guarantees maximum hygiene.
Ergonomic, non-toxic, non-slip and abrasion resistant handle.
In the knife bag you will find:
n. 1 paring knife serrated blade cm. 9
n. 1 boning knife blade cm. 12
n. 1 fillet slicing knife, flexible blade cm. 25
n. 1 chef's carving knife blade cm. 26
Open knife bag measures 60 x 40 cm