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Perforated aluminum tray + Silicone mat with holes Size 30x40 cm

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49.9000 - 49.9 - 49.9000
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The perfect combination for optimal cooking of your baked goods, sweet or savory pies, etc.
Very light perforated baking sheet for baking biscuits, meringues, pretzels, all baked goods that need a flat bottom.
Made of micro-perforated aluminum, it has a size of 30x40 cm. and rounded edge.
Baking of all baked goods will be crunchy for both sweet and savory products
Perfect and uniform cooking for this De Buyer silicone mat. The 2.5 mm holes on the whole surface allow a perfect heat transmission, the bottom of the mat does not become damp, it breathes and therefore allows a uniform cooking, both below and above.
Ideal for making cakes, cookies, pastries, bread, pizza, cake bases, biscuits.
Size 40x30 cm. 1.2 mm thick.
Baking tray and mat suitable for home ovens.