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Professional Chocolatier Kit: 3 Polycarbonate molds + 2 Spatulas

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Set for chocolate professionals who want a perfect finished praline, thanks to mirror-polished professional polycarbonate moulds, which guarantee a shiny praline, and spatulas for tempering the chocolate and spreading the chocolate designed to give maximum efficiency during use.
The transparency of the polycarbonate molds will allow you to check the chocolates during the cooling process.
The large Martellato spatula measuring 180 x 200 mm. it will allow you to work the chocolate on the worktop and dilute it quickly, while the Paderno spatula cm. 26, will allow you to work the chocolate and spread it on the mold with ease.
The three polycarbonate molds of the Set allow you to create:
n. 40 semi-spheres with a diameter of 27 mm.
No. 48 square cremini with dimensions 26 x 26 x 15 mm.
No. 32 flat round shaped chocolates 28 x 12 mm.
Dimensions of the moulds:
n. 2 molds 175 x 275 x 24 mm.
n. 1 mold 205 x 275 x 25mm.