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Rosa 145 silicone mold by Silikomart Professional

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This silicone mold will allow you to make perfect desserts to celebrate love, passion, desire, friendship, all the meanings for a single flower: the rose, the quintessential flower to give to your lover on Valentine's Day, for Mother's Day or to make a dessert that celebrates spring.
Creating your favorite bouquets with the ROSA mold by Silikomart Professional will be a joy to the eye and to the palate for a timeless romanticism, for an endless pleasure.
Dimensions: Ø 70 h 55 mm
Rose Volume: 143ml x 6
Total volume 858ml.

The Top White Silikomart Professional molds are made of 100% safe food platinum silicone for health.
They have a resistance ranging from -60°C to +230°C for use both in the oven and in the freezer/blast chiller.
They are easy to clean, unbreakable and space saving.
Totally free of BPA substances.