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4 Vegetables Gourmand Line - Franco Aliberti and Pavoni Professional silicone molds

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Surprise your diners with innovative shapes and tastes, light and creative compositions

The collection inspired by plant products is enriched with new shapes capable of playing within your dishes, creating alternative flavors and textures.

In collaboration with Franco Aliberti for a cuisine in love with Nature where nothing is wasted.
With these 4 Gourmand Line vegetable moulds, you can make truly gourmet creations.

In the Set you will find 4 molds with the following technical characteristics:

n. 1 Friggitello silicone mold - Friggitello size mm 90 x 35 x 20 h Capacity ~ 20 ml - 12 imprints

n. 1 Cuore di Bue silicone mold - Ox heart size mm. Ø mm 45x35 h Capacity ~ 35 ml - 15 imprints

n. 1 Artichoke silicone mold - Artichoke size mm. 74 x 40 x 30 h - Capacity ~ 35 ml - 9 imprints

n. 1 Aubergine silicone mold - Aubergine size mm. 67 x 35 x 25 h Capacity ~ 35 ml - 12 imprints

Technical characteristics of the moulds:

Suitable for fridge/freezer/blast chiller
Suitable for oven/microwave
Temperature range: -40°C/+250°C
Dishwasher safe, without the use of rinse aid
Non-toxic, odorless and tasteless
Flexible and space saving