AF Roll : Foldable case containing cook professional accessories

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Roll containing accessories realized by AFcoltellerie for you.
We recommend cooks to have a roll containing professional brushes, pliers, fish-scalers, potato-peelers allowing to work with precision and care, without compromises and difficulties of use.
Every detail has been taken into consideration for this foldable roll, including useful and essential instruments for cooks, it contains the most excellent working instruments studied by the manufacturers to provide the best instruments during use.
Every plier, spatula or fish-scaler has been manufactured with care, polished, made with an excellent grip, in order that chefs may obtain precision and rapidity during their work in kitchen.
This Wusthof roll, chosen for its characteristics of compactness, closure safety and easiness in cleaning, contains :
- Step spatula medium of Triangle Dimensions 19x3,5 cm. Total length 32 cm.
- Step spatula small of Triangle Dimensions 14x2,5 cm.Total length 26 cm.
- Cook pliers stainless steel large and curved of Triangle Total length cm. 35
- Cook pliers with elbow in stainless steel of Triangle Total length cm. 20
- Potato peeler and julienne cutter in one tool. All in stainless steel
- Professional pliers Shun Kai to remove fish-bones from fish fillets or to clean poultry . Also fit to clean fruit and vegetable legs and seeds quickly. The point was studied to remove even the smallest bones.
Total length cm. 13 Width of pliers grip cm. 1,5
- Fish-scaler in stainless steel line Select of Kai. High quality stainless steel implement, ergonomic, elegant, easy to use for scaling fish easily.
Plastic lid to collect scales during use.
Total length 21 cm. Handle length 14 cm.

Dimensions of roll : Width 43 cm. Height closed cm. 13
A velcro band holds the implements in the roll.