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Arte Ikon: Wood Art Block complete with 5 Ikon Series Knives by Wusthof

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Italian production line, Italian design and craftsmanship combined with 5 professional high quality German knives Ikon series by Wusthof.
Excellence in the kitchen.
Ikon knives have balance and ergonomics - the special shape of the collar gives the knife an optimal balance and allows you to use and sharpen the blade for the entire length.
The ergonomically shaped handle shells are riveted and locked forever and ensure impeccable hygiene and maintenance.
A perfect balance thanks to the geometry of the double collar.
The special shape of the collar allows the use and sharpening of the whole blade.
Forged blade in one piece of high-alloy steel (X50 Cr MoV 15).
Maximum cutting result of the blade thanks to the PEtec sharpening process.
The ergonomic handle shells have a long-lasting riveting and are machined seamlessly.
The magnetic strain in natural lacquered beech wood contains the following knives:
n. 1 knife paring knife blade cm. 9
n. 1 Knife thread blade cm. 16
n. 1 Santoku knife blade cm. 17
n. 1 Knife slicing blade cm. 20
n. 1 Chef knife blade cm. 20
Dimensions: cm. 20 x 12.5 x 26