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Culinary Chef bag complete F.Dick

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Case complete with all the knives essential for working meat, fish, vegetables and not neglecting any cuts in the kitchen. The large Culinary Bag case allows the insertion of many other knives and accessories in addition to the products inserted. In all you can insert up to 34 articles na: The briefcase includes: n.1 Paring knife cm. 7 n.1 Utility knife cm. 11 n.1 Boning knife cm. 13 n.1 Filleting knife cm. 18 n.1 Carving fork Superior series cm. 15 n.1 Serrated bread-pastry knife cm. 26 n.1 Chef knife cm. 30 n.1 Victorinox arched potato peeler n.1 Dick Regural Cut sharpener cm. 30 Closed case size 48x27 cm Height cm. 5