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Basic Set of Vegetarian and Vegan Kitchen Knives by Dick

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This Vegetarian and Vegan Basic Set is ideal for processing vegetables, preparation in professional kitchens such as restaurants, catering, large kitchens, but an excellent set for home kitchens.
Finding the essential knives for cleaning vegetables , finding the highest quality steel, excellent sharpening and lightness in construction is not always easy.
With this set consisting of 4 essential knives for your vegetables you will find lightness, practicality, quality and maximum efficiency in cutting. < BR> The handle is in abrasion-resistant and non-slip polypropylene
The shape of the handle is ergonomic and well balanced
In Dick's Vegetarian and Vegan Kitchen Basic Set you will find:
- Peeler and vegetable peeler knife
- Kitchen knife cm. 11
- Santoku knife with alveola cm. 18
- Cook's knife cm. 21
Modern and contemporary design