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F. Dick Superior Culinary Bag Knife Set

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The holding Culinary Bag with Dick Superior knives and accessories indispensable for professional cooks to work in kitchen
This case is provided with all the necessary instruments, both knives and accessories for the preparation of dishes from hors-d'oeuvre to desserts.
The range of Superior knives is perfect to prepare fish, meat, vegetables and fruits and has an excellent sharpening and ergonomic handles for professional cuts.
The case contains :
Paring knife cm. 7: round point
Boning knife cm 13
Santoku knife cm. 18
Roast, slicing knife cm. 21
Carving, cook knife cm. 26
Undulated cut knife cm. 26 for oven product and also for slicing
Curved holed flexible spatula cm. 13
Cook spatula to spread cm. 26
Microplane Zester citrus fruit/cheese
Pliers to remove fish bones
Meat pliers cm. 30
Spoon pliers cm. 30 in steel and silicone
Culinary Bag case has three compartments and can contain up to 34 knives and accessories