Raplette: tool to spread biscuit

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Tool used to spread the biscuit evenly in order to avoid handmade irregular spreading.
An indispensable tool in pastry to level the soft dough.
Perfect for assembling desserts upside down and for making chocolate shavings.
Height and width adjustable with butterfly screws: easy adjustment; used to distribute a preparation on any support of any size (on a frame or directly on baking paper / mat); height adjustment enables you to choose the thickness of the preparation.
It is used to smooth the biscuit, to do a quicker and more precise job and to avoid making a handshake possible, making the product uneven.
Stainless steel structure Aisi 304 polished.
The maximum width of the product is 400 mm. while the height of the product to be laid is adjustable and ranges from 1 to 15 mm.