Sous Vide : Gefu vacuum thermometer

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To cook using the famous method "Sous Vide", i.e. cooking foodstuffs under vacuum in a plastic package.
This floating thermometer surveys the temperature of water.
The Sous vide thermometer is essential, since it allows to prepare perfectly meat, fish and chicken in a normal casserole and at a low temperature.
- Quick time of survey and measure: approximately from 10 to 15 seconds.
- Measurement range from + 30 to + 90 gradi C.
-Measurement interval 1 degree C.
-Measurement precision: from 58 to 85 degrees C. +- 1,5 degrees C., other temperature ranges +- 2 degrees C.
- High quality steel and plastic
- Washable in dishwasher
Total diameter cm. 4,5
Probe length cm. 3,5