TWIN Finishing Stone Pro 3000 and 8000 Grain Knife sharpeners

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If you already use high-quality knives for cooking, rely on the original to sharpen your precious instruments as well. This knife sharpener is designed for knives that still have a decent basic sharpness and just require fine honing. T
he TWIN Finishing Stone Pro is a great tool to ensure optimum sharpness for your knives.
It has two sides with different degrees of roughness for sharpening and smoothing.
Measured according to the Japanese JIS scale (Japanese Industrial Standard), one side has a grain of 3000, the other of 8000.
This ensures absolute sharpness and a mirror-polished edge.
Thanks to this ZWILLING stone sharpener you are sure to enjoy using your knives for a long time.
For a professional, scalpel-like sharpness and reflective blade.
Two different sides – grain 3000 for fine honing.
Two different sides – grain 8000 for polishing, final honing.
Blade Length: 20 cm
Height: 4 cm
Width: 8.5 cm
Weight: 0.871 kg