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Classic Quality : Wusthof large case containing 8 Knives series Classic + 1 Sharpener + 1 Pliers

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Wusthof holding cook case, made in a very sturdy fabric, soft case style, containing 8 professional knives Wusthof Series Classic, 1 Wusthof sharpener and 1 Friedr. Dick Pliers.
The Wusthof Series Classic knives are manufactured with the Precision Edge Wusthof technology known as PEtec, giving to each blade an excellent cutting-edge that maintains its sharpening 30% much longer.
Wusthof Classic knives are forged in one piece of stainless steel with high contents of carbon and have a triple riveted handle made in resistant Polyossimethylene, synthetic material resisting against fading and discoloration.
The collar extended up to the facets protects the hand and guarantees safety and balance.
Made in Solingen, Germany, with a life guarantee.
The holding Wusthof case includes :
- Paring knife curved cm. 7 (cod. 4062)
- Paring knife straight blade cm. 12 (cod. 4066/12)
- Boning knife blade cm. 14 (cod. 4602)
- Santoku knife for vegetables blade cm. 17 (cod. 4181)
- Filleting knife blade cm. 18 (cod. 4550)
- Bread knife toothed-edge blade cm. 20 (cod. 4149)
-Cook-carving knife blade cm. 23 (cod. 4582/23)
- Slicing-roast knife blade cm. 23 (cod. 4522/23)
- Serving pliers Friedr. Dick length cm. 25 (cod.90156-25)
- Classic sharpener Length cm. 26 (4473/26)
Case with zip to fix the protective lining inside .
Dimensions closed ( 51 x 17 cm.)
Provided with handle and shoulder belt
Color black

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