Basic kit 9 instruments - Essential for confectionery

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Basic kit of instruments necessary for confectionery to prepare oven dough, creams, mousse and to garnish.
- Whip 11 filaments handle in PA plus polyamide. Length 35 cm Perfect seal.
- Polyamide and glass fibre large spoon. Total length 40 cm
- Flexible paste-cutter in stainless steel 12 x 9,5 cm
- Flexible stainless steel spatula 26 cm.
- Confectionery decoration kit 8 items, six sprouts, one adapter and one bag 30 cm.
- Rubber spatula 7x11 cm. Total length 35 cm
Brush with polyamide handle, natural bristles Brush length 6 cm Length 23,5 cm
- Scraper/half spatula in polypropylene 12x8,6 cm
- Scraper/half circle spatula in polypropylene 12 x 8,8 cm