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Chef's roll bag with Red Spirit knives and accessories

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Red Spirit is the series of knives inspired to Asian handicraft and made with German precision, according to a traditional production method and using the most modern manufacturing technics of Dick.
Red Spirit knives were designed to cut perfectly, without any compromise.
Blades have a slender and slim line. Moreover the cutting-edge is submitted to polishing.
Red Spirit knives are easy to handle and make a precise and clean cut.
Foodstuffs are neither squashed nor crumbled and can thus maintain their original precious flavour.
The round and elegant handle, with its typical Asian line, perfectly adapts to the palm of the hand and meets perfectly the ergonomic requirements of professional chefs and amateur cooks with an ambitious hobby.
This is a particularly important advantage in case of frequent use.
The blade has a high contents of carbon, guaranteeing a sharp edge over time.
This foldable roll was created by Dick for professionals who want to work with basic kitchen knives and accessories.
The roll contains :
- Meat fork total length 18 cm.
- Cook pliers total length cm. 25
- Boning knife series Prodynamic blade cm. 15
- Red Spirit paring knife blade cm. 9
- Filleting – slicing Red Spirit knife blade cm. 18
- Cook knife Red Spirit blade cm. 21
- Pliers to remove fish bones cm. 13
Dimensions of roll L= 50 cm. B= 43 cm.