Dick Red Spirit curved paring knife 9 cm.

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Red Spirit: love and passion for quality.
New and exclusive series of knives inspired by Asian craftsmanship, made with German precision according to the traditional production method and using the latest Dick manufacturing techniques
In Asia the color red plays a very important role. red represents progress, luck, well-being and warmth.
In Europe, the color red symbolizes concepts such as fire, warmth, sensuality, love and passion.
The right ingredients for cooking at the highest levels.
Inspired by this tradition, Friedr. Dick has created a rounded red handle for his Red Spirit knife series.
Red Spirit knives have been created to cut perfectly, without compromise.
The blades have a slim and slender line. In addition, the wire is subjected to polishing.
Red Spirit knives are easy to control and make a precise and clean cut.
The foods to be cut are neither crushed nor crushed and thus retain their precious original aroma.
The round and elegant handle, with a typically Asian line, adapts perfectly to the palm of the hand and perfectly meets the ergonomic needs of both professional chefs and ambitious hobby cooks.
A particularly important advantage in case of frequent use.
The blade has a high carbon content and is made of X55CrMo14 - Rockwell 56 (+/- 1) steel, which guarantees a sharp edge over time.
Polypropylene handle.
With this paring knife, 9 cm it is possible to cut and peel or create seals with fruit and vegetables.

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