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F. Dick 6-Piece Chef's Set in Roll Bag

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Beautiful foldable Dick case containing the new forged ActiveCut knives.
The ActiveCut series knives – Made in Germany – are forged in high quality stainless steel.
The well shaped and ergonomic handle is whole plastic and is perfectly connected to the blade tang.
Knives are well balanced and very easy to handle.
The well sharpened blade together with the excellent steel provide a long duration of cut.
Knives can be easily sharpened with the sharpener included in the case, although the excellent hardness of the blade allows a long time of use.
The case is composed of :
Forged large fork cm. 18
Paring knife blade cm. 9
Boning knife blade cm. 15
Cook knife blade cm. 21
Universal toothed-edge knife blade cm. 26
Sharpener length cm. 25