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F.Dick SM100 Sharpening Machine

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Ideal for a handicrafter and an industry of meat preparation.
Fit for all types of knives.
Continuous regulation of arm, areas for wedge or convex sharpening
Sharpening and polishing of the whole blade up to the handle
Strong, reliable, silent with few vibrations
Construction chracteristics:
- Sharpening on abrasive tape quickly and saving material
- For all types of hand and machine knives
- Possibility of wedge or convex sharpening
- Felter to trim and polish blade
- Space saving thanks to the compact construction
- Silent motor and with little vibrations
- Lateral protection cover with aspiring connection
- Rubber feet for a better stability
Technical data :
Voltage: 1 - 240 V / 50 Hz 0,5 kW
Power: 0,5 kW
Revolutions: 2.980 1/min
Abrasive tape : 5 x 1020 mm
Polishing felter : 200 x 25 x 16 mm
Net weight: 14,5 kg
Height: 325 mm
Width: 455 mm
Depth : 470 mm
Delivery time: 7 days