Melanine bowl with splash guard Margrethe 3 litres

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This Margrethe bowl to knead or to mix is sturdy and easy to clean, it resists up to 70 centigrade degrees heat. A nonslip ring on the base of the bowl allows a stable positionning during use, also when mixing, kneading or whipping ingredients.
The jug shape allows to pour mixtures in a precise way.
A transparent Anti Splash lid with a round hole is included.
This hole permits to work with an electric whip, while the lid over the jug has the advange of not splashing the compound prepared.
Another avantage of this set – apart from the splash protection – is that the contents remain fresh for a longer time thanks to an additional white lid to close the hole after mixing. Capacity of the bowl : 3 litres
Dimensions : 25 x 21,5 x 13 cm.
Material of bowl : melanin
Material of lid : polypropylene
Can be washed in dish-washer