Perfect Pasta-maler: Pastry board in lime-wood + Rolling-pin in beech + cutter for fresh pasta

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To make the handmade egg pasta you need to have a large board or cutting board made of seasoned lime-wood, a single long rolling pin suitable for the expanse of the egg dough and a scrap that allows you to clean the cutting board, divide and work the egg dough.
This set includes:
n. 1 Chopping board in lime-wood, with dimension 100 x 60 cm.
n. 1 Rolling pin fixed single handle in beech wood with length 70 cm. and diameter 4 cm.
n. 1 Cutter - Flexible stainless steel scraper with size cm. 12 x 9.5

The linden wood board guarantees a long service life to your board, absorbs less humidity, as it is not very porous and seasoned wood is selected from the factory, which avoids swelling or the possibility that the board will become deformed over time.